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Our Values

First and foremost, we promote good home care and prevention. We believe oral health is very important among many other factors that influence a person’s wellbeing. As a dental office we understand that oral health is a significant factor and we can improve oral health. We are community oriented and make sure that when someone comes into our office, we want them to feel welcomed. We are local to the Deer Lodge valley and we like to support our surrounding communities and our environment, which is why it is important for us to give back to our community and to take actions to make our area a better place for us all.

Our Team

Tony Bartoletti


I was born and raised in Anaconda. My mother and father started this practice and I spent a lot of time as a child and through high school years in the office. I am a third-generation dentist, my grandfather was a dentist in Butte and five other dentists in the Bartoletti family are or have practiced dentistry in Southwest Montana.
I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi Africa from 2005 to 2008 and is where I decided to pursue dentistry. It was a time in life which afforded much contemplation. No doubt the decision was influenced from my father and the legacy that grandpa Doc, Mike, Tommy, JP (Sister) upheld.
After dental school in Arizona I decided to become licensed and practice in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I discovered BC hitchhiking from Alaska back home to MT in 2002. It captivated me like no place else I had ever been. It took many years but eventually I got to spend five years practicing dentistry in Invermere in the Colombia valley. This is where I found my amazing wife Magali!
Magali and I decided that we would move to my home in Anaconda and take over my mother and father’s practice.
I have a million good stories, but I am more interested to hear yours… with my fingers in your mouth. Ha!

Magali Bartoletti

Office Manager

I am French Canadian from Quebec. French is my first language. I graduated from social work in 2004 and worked for few years in Quebec before moving to British Columbia in 2009. That is when I learned English, I was 25 years old. It took me about three years to improve my English to a point that I was able to work in my field again. During those years, I worked in the ski industry and really got to enjoy the lifestyle I was looking for in the Canadian Rockies. Then I became a youth worker and worked with youth at risk facing addictions and mental health challenges. I spent ten amazing years living in the Columbia Valley in BC. The reason I moved out west was for the big mountains and the culture. I created a very special relationship with nature and the outdoors. It changed me and brought out the best version of myself. Now I am in a new chapter of my life here in Montana and I am happy to be working in dentistry. Tony is my best friend, my adventure, travelling and life partner. I am very happy that I get to work with him every day as together we make an awesome team!



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Dental Assistant

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There are many services we are offering. If you need more information regarding a procedure you are looking for or/and if you did not find the service you are looking for, do not hesitate to communicate with us, it will be our pleasure to discuss your needs.