Services at Bartoletti Family Dental


Our Services

We offer a wide range of Dental Services.


Prevention, prevention, prevention. We believe in prevention. It is better to be proactive than reactive. Each person should form a plan with our hygienist for their frequency of cleanings and have yearly checkups from the dentist. We prefer to catch problems when they are small and simple to repair and ad nauseum will promote good home care.


We repair tooth decay with metal and cosmetic fillings. If you have a preference please let us know and we would be happy to explain the pros and cons of each.


When a tooth becomes damaged enough that it requires a “root canal” we often offer to do it. However if you choose to or we deem it too challenging for our experience we will happily refer you to a nearby Endodontist. Root canals are not painful and keeping teeth with a good prognosis is something we believe in.

Oral Surgery

We also offer tooth extractions for badly damaged teeth or wisdom teeth with a poor prognosis. If they are deemed too difficult/risky and/or you choose, we can refer you to a nearby surgeon.

Crowns and Bridge

We restore teeth with highly aesthetic ceramic crowns, gold crowns, and porcelain crowns. There are many options and we are happy to go over the pros and cons of each kind with you. Crowns and bridges are very functional and durable. We believe in being proactive as opposed to reactive. Placing the most robust restoration on vulnerable teeth is a wise decision.


After working in collaboration with a surgeon who places the implant in the bone, we restore the implant with a crown or bridge. Implants are also very robust and long-lasting restorations and we are happy to consult with you about the process.

Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

In collaboration with a dental lab we offer full acrylic dentures, cast metal partials, resin (acrylic) partials, and flexible partials and we are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each type.

Whitening trays, Mouthguards, Nightguards

In the office we make trays for whitening, mouthguards, and nightguards. Ask us for more information.

There are many services we are offering. If you need more information regarding a procedure you are looking for or/and if you did not find the service you are looking for, do not hesitate to communicate with us, it will be our pleasure to discuss your needs.